“Touching the Intangible”, an exhibition commemorating the 40 years of the POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture.

What do you think of when hearing the words “traditional culture”? “Sophisticated”, “solemn”, “venerable”, perhaps even “inaccessible” might come to mind.

The “Touching the Intangible” exhibition, held for the first time to commemorate the 40 years since the inception of the POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture, starts by taking apart our conventional view of traditional Japanese culture, dividing it into three categories: “traditional performing arts”, “traditional craftsmanship” and “folk entertainment”. It then reconstructs it from a design perspective, all the while drawing inspiration from the thinker Rudolph Steiner’s“twelve senses” and appealing to our present-day senses of beauty, wonder and familiarity.

Traditional culture has often transcended generations through its ability to innovate while staying true to classic form. Coming in touch with beauty that cannot be seen and opening your ears to what cannot be heard is much akin to a journey in which you open your senses and learn something new.
At the end of this journey, we hope you will see the world in a slightly different light.



“Touching the Intangible”, an exhibition commemorating the 40 years of the POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture


January 18 [Sat] - February 16 [Sun], 2020  ※Open every day







3F POLA Ginza Building, 1-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture

Planning and Space Design



  • 6-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, Hibiya Line “Ginza station” Exit A9.
  • Immediately from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line “Ginza 1-chome station” Exit 7.
  • 5-minute walk from “JR Yurakucho station” Kyobashi Exit.


KANZE Kiyokazu
26th Grand Master of Kanze
Kaga Inlay
INOUE Yasuko
MITSUKE Masayasu
Kutani Ceramics(Kutani aka-e)
Iwasaki Onikenbai Preservation society
Arifuku Kagura Preservation society


We Japanese sometimes find ourselves harking back to a shared sense of beauty. This aesthetic lives on in traditional Japanese culture through the sensibility and craftsmanship of the Japanese people, which were in turn shaped by Japanese history and society.

It has now been 40 years since the POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture has been acting to connect traditional Japanese culture with the future.

This exhibition was created with a desire to reach even more people and give them an opportunity to open their senses. We hope that this contact with traditional culture will awaken your sleeping senses, give rise to new aesthetic appreciation and provide an opportunity to cultivate your inner beauty.

POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture
Chief Director
Takako Konishi

About the POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture

The POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture was established in December 1979 as a way of contributing to building an abundant society and to improve culture, based on the founder of Pola Orbis Group’s belief that “true beauty can only be realized in combination with inner beauty and spiritual abundance”.